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SVG not importing

We bought FPD a fewdays ago and installed it on a vanilla demo site to test it out. 


In our test product (frontend), I attempted to upload and place the attached SVG (opens fine in Illustrator). It showed the image preview correctly after upload in the "Add Image" box but when I clicked on it to place it on the t-shirt, it throws the error "Image could not be loaded!"

If you attempt this, you'll see what I mean.

Any ideas on how this can be solved?


I'm not having any problems with this on the demo page or my server:



So it's probably some kind of server/ setting problem. Maybe .svg is blocked for security reasons (seems to happen with the last few WordPress versions).

Hello, I have the same problem, and your demo now presents the same issue, I always get the error:

"Sorry! But the uploaded image size does not conform our indication of size.
Minimum Width: 100 pixels
Minimum Height: 100 pixels
Maximum Width: 10000 pixels
Maximum Height: 10000 pixels"

What can I do to make SVG import work?


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