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Price of product


Is it possible change price depend of what Fancy product is selected?

I tried add price to each view. But it's not displayed in product page (I added several Fancy products to one wocommerce products)


If you price the layers of your products differently the price should change when changing product - the general WooCommerce price can in this case not really be used (as it applies to all products).

How I can add price to layer?
In view I have price settings to Custom Image and Custom text. But it's not what I need.


I tried this
Not working. And I not use custom text or image...

I created a woocommerce product and added for this product several Fancy products. How I can set price for each Fancy product and view this price (what should be changed depend of selected Fancy product) in front-end of wooocommerce product? Is it possible? 

Like here:


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