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Using Fancy Product for Unique Signage Design

My client is a sign manufacturer producing cut and cast metal and plastic signs and sign letters. They want to include a design module on their new website (WordPress Divi Theme) to allow customers to preview their signs by entering desired fonts, colors, and finishes. Fancy Product looks like it could support this sort of usage, something like the TShirt demo, but with no background image and with a scale to estimate height and width of letters (see file attached). Fancy Product supports the addition of TTF fonts either hosted on the site or Google fonts, which is great. Would it also support additional colors and finishes, if required samples are available (such as swatches of various finishes)? Would Fancy Product be a good fit for this goal?

Thank you.



You can also setup color for text/ image layers, yes. As long as you can represent the finishes with image layers that, too should not be a problem. It should be suitable, yes - in fact we've had a few customers doing something similar in the past.

Thanks, Johnny. That's just what I hoped to be the case. Outstanding.

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