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Sort Order for Fancy Products

Yes I know this is a duplicate post, but the other one was marked as "answered" and no one seems interested in solving the problem I will continue to make one new post a day until it is. 

We used to be able to sort the order of products by the order we selected them. Now there is no way to sort the products, it's ordered default by the "ID" instead. This is only with the newest version, version 3.4.1 was not like this.

I don't want an answer like I got in my ticket:: "I can confirm with my developer that the order is sorted by ID's" Really? Oh thanks like I didn't know that. Now actually read my fucking question and resolve the issue.

Please fix ASAP or I will be asking for a refund shortly.


I answered your ticket, if you think to open a post everyday, I can block you from this support channel with ease.

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