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Fancy Designs doesn't resize


I'm allowing the customer to upload custom images and chose from fancy designs. Regarding these images, some of them are bigger than the UI Container so when it's added to the design, it's bigger than the canvas forcing the customer to resize it. For custom uploaded images, the images resize like I want it to, but for choosing the fancy designs, the images don't resize. This is the problem :(

I can't figure out the settings so it's auto-resized to a set size. Do I configure the sizes in the:

Manage Designs > Edit Category Options


Default Element Options > Image Options

What settings do I need to change exactly to make it work?


In the design category settings. Use either these:


or the scale setting (0.X).

I'm afraid it isn't working. For a specific design in the Funny clipart category "There are no shortcuts from life... but there are in video games", the actual image width is 450px but when it's added, it fills the whole canvas scaling larger than the 450px width. This applies to the "Enjoy Responsibly" category where the images are all less than 500px width but it still fills beyond the canvas. I even recreated the categories, reapplied the images and it still didn't work.

I should note that it does seem to work with other images in other categories.

Here is the link to my product page where you can test it yourself if needed:


I also attached a screenshot showing the images being larger than the canvas...

Seems to work for me: http://recordit.co/u0hAnYuySu

Ok, I tried it again and it seems to be working now. Thank you very much for your help!

I have the same problem , only i can't set bigger design. I set the scale 2 but the image isn't bigger.

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