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Scale Setting on Fancy Designs not working after Update to 3.4.2

The Scale setting for Fancy Designs used to work. For example, setting Fancy Design->Edit Category Options->Scale is set at 0.5 (for scaling the design to half the size), when design is selected on the designer, it appears at half the original size.

However, after updating to 3.4.2 Fancy Designs appears at 1.0 scale regardless of the Scale setting. Wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issue after the update, or there is some new feature that is overriding these settings? Much appreciate any input.

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I have the same problem. Latest version of Product designer in Woocommerce. Scale settings (also width/height) are completely ignored. Hopefully the bug will be fixed very soon. Or maybe someone has a solution?


I'll ask the developer to look into it. Thanks for bringing it up.

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