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Variations display on product page and designer page, just need it on one page


I have an issue with the variations used with the designer. On the product page, I can select from the product variations available, but when I click on customize, the product variations is displayed again after the designer loads. What can I do to remove it so it isn't displayed again? I only want it displayed once. Or, would it be possible to have the designer replace the product image (displayed in the link below) so the designer is on the left while the product variations options is on the right, then the customer can just create their content on the left, select the variations on the right and add to cart.

Here is the link to the product page:


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I have the same issue. If the variations are going to show on the product page prior to clicking on the customize button then those choices should show up on the next page with the fpd. As of now, the variations are ignored and reset to default when someone clicks customize. 


Sorry this kind of logic is currently not part of the plugin, a similar idea/request is already in the request forum.


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