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Need to charge an additional cost for a front & back print.


I am using plugin for users to create their own t-shirt. I want to be able to charge an additional price (add $6) if user adds a design on the Front AND Back of the shirt.

I thought this would have have come standard with the plugin as all other t-shirt designer websites charge extra for front & back prints. Who else wants this?

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I would love to see this as well!

I've been setting this plugin with all my products for dozens of hours and I just ran into this. This single lack of feature makes the whole thing useless for T-Shirts! I don't know what to do now.


It is possible to do this. When you set up the back of your shirt, just assign a price to the image you use for the back. It will update the price.

Alternatively, you can create a front & front/back variation like we have done and set the variation to use a specific product from the fancy product designer. 

In your first paragraph, are you assuming that ge product is pre- designed rather than the user adding their own content?

Brandon, my FPD doesn't add the price of the shirt again when they add a back. I did go into the back of the shirt in the product designer and went to the back view and set an uncharge if the user adds text or an image and then made a max additional cost so it only charges for either text or image and not both if they're both added. But, I don't think this is what you're talking about. Please explain what you meant more?

On yours, you have "color" and "sides." Are these woo commerce variations? I have the plus module which allows for selecting different colors outside of the designer window but the color on yours looks like a variation. Also, how do your variations have images? Mine has a dropdown list.

Sorry for so many questions but you're helping me through something that has been really difficult here at the end of setting it up. Why does your designer have slide out panels for text, graphics, etc.? Mine uses a lightbox for everything even editing text.

Can you send me a link to your website so I can see what you have currently?

I'm developing on a local server but since you're willing to offer advice, I loaded it on a temp domain.


I posted here yesterday but I don't see it. The site is on a development server but since you're being helpful, I copied it over to a temporary domain.

On this product, the "Front & Back" variation is the only real one I'm working on until I figure these things out. Just using "Front" and "Back" for testing.


I've posted twice and the comment isn't showing up. Trying again with no link.

Link to sample product

Developing on a local server but moved it over since you're willing to help. The "Front & Back" variant is the one I'm working on. The others were for testing.

I guess the system won't allow links. I've tried it 4 different times. Try this signs-stitches . com / temp / product / bella-canvas-unisex-short-sleeve-tee-3001 but remove the spaces.

That worked.

I think I better understand what you're trying to do. You're just wanting to add $10 (for example) if they choose screen print on the back?

What I would suggest you do is create 2 FPD products - a front only, and a front & back. Once you have created those products, you can create front / front/back variations for the single WooCommerce product and assign the respective FPD products to the variation. This is what we did with our jewelry and it seemed to be the best solution for us.



I understand that. And it seems to work. I have 2 questions about your FPD though.

1. How do your variations have nice images below them? "Bracelet Size" "Color" and "Sides"

2. How does your FPD have sliding out panels rather than light boxes when creating text, editing text, adding images, etc.?

Good deal. The stylized variations is done with a free plugin called Variation Swatches for WooCommerce. The sliding panels is just a setting in FPD. Go to UI & Layout Composer -> Toolbar and change placement to Inside Top or Inside Bottom.

Good luck!

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