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Pre-Purchase Query

Hi All,

I'm part of a decal company, who's looking to employ FPD, to ultimately enable the end user to edit colours of predefined decals.

I've a few queries, and hope that your product, plus any plug-ins, are able to assist :)

1. All 'products' I've seen thus far in demos, feature 'items' such as hoodies, phone cases etc.
Can I have a 'product' setup that has a blank canvas (background) and a SVG already inserted upon loading up? ie, a decal design.

2. Can all options such as 'add text', 'upload image' etc be locked out? We do not want users doing anything other than being able to change colours of an SVG.

3. Upon loading a 'product' can their be multiple SVGs inserted, ready for the user to colourise? And possibly locked SVG layers such as 'Cut Lines'?

4. We 100+ examples of SVG decal art with approx 12 colours used in each... To make it an easier experience for the end user, would you advise separating each colour to individual SVGs, or as one SVG. 

5. Rather than the end user having to click the SVG to show the colourise options available, is there a plugin or similar that will allow the end user to see a form to the side, with dropdown menus/colour charts, for each 'SVG' or SVG path? Your Sneaker MSPC demo is very nice, but could it be used to so that when clicking a new step, it affects only certain layers/SVG colours. 

We are keen to start kick-start our new website, and hope that FPD is applicable.

Thanks in advance. 

Is anyone able to advise?


1) Yes, you can do that.

2) Yes, that you can do via the UI & Layout composer, which allows you to disable all modules/ actions you don't want.

3) Certainly, yes.

4) That depends on how the .svg is setup. Our plugin allows either independent coloriziation of all paths or one colorization for all paths with the same color (toggle option). You can test here: http://demo.fancyproductdesigner.com/

5) No, that is currently not possible - or rather it is but only for one layer with the color selection http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/shirt-plus/

Hi J, I read somewhere on here, a Customer using the FPD with gravity forms to select different layers, changing their colours etc, without having to use the little colour selection boxes that FPD employs when you click on an item. Rather, it used something like a multi step process, but had colours to the right, in a menu... Point 5 above is important to us, as clicking on the small colour tab seems a little awkward on some touch devices, when we tested the demo. All else though, sounds great :) Any advise re the colourising options.

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