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WooCommerce 3.0 Update

Ok, so woocommerce update 3.0 has completely disabled fancy product designer on the front end, does anyone have the same problem? Or will we just be waiting for an update?

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Better way if you downgrade the woocommerce.

Same problem, please update.

Michael ,

Simple copy the woocommerce previous version the plugin folder with different folder name (for example woocommerce2) , after switch off the version 3.0 and switch on the previous version, after evereything will work fine . Of corse before make a backup. I made this and working for me.

Thank you so much, every time I want to add a product it was € 0,00 instead of the right price.

I just backed mine up to the previous 2.6.14 version. And all is well again, so I will wait for the update either from woocomemerce or radykal.

Yea the same thing happend to my site. I could design everything, and it was fine, buuut it wont put items into the cart, which is kind of a big deal :D 

Completely non-functional plug-in Fancy with Woocommerce 3.00 and 3.01


There will be an update to fix this within the next 3 days (that's the plan at least). In the meantime please downgrade WooCommerce to version 2.6.14

The 3.4.2 update is out.

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