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Is it possible to disable image upload module on certain products?


I'm wanting to know if it's possible to disable the images module from certain products?

For example, let's say I have a customizable T-shirt and a customizable business card, I would like to allow the customer to upload their own images when they choose to design a custom t-shirt, but I don't want them to upload images to a custom business card, instead, I just want them to select from a gallery of cliparts. Is this possible?



Certainly. You can do that by setting up different UI-Layouts (UI & Layout Composer) where you can disable any module you do not want.

I went into the UI & Layout Composer and disabled the images module but this disables the module for all products when I only want it disabled for specific products.

You can create several UI-Layouts and select which one a product uses via the individual settings.

Ok I see that now when I go into that section for the product's individual settings. This helps me A LOT. Thank you very much!

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