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Fusion Builder stops working with Fancy Product designer enabled


The Avada Fushion builder stops working if i enable your plugin.

Yesterday there was an update of avada. Now the Fushion builder does not work anymore when your plugin is activated.

I hope you have a solution for this.



Please open a support ticket and send us more details about the problem. Also some login credentials and a link to your wp-admin.

I have the same issue.. have you find any fix/woraround?

I pinned point the issue.. there was a conflict with one of the javascript library. Workaround is copy below file:


and paste it to this location:


P.S. - this workaround should not beak any functionality but apply change at your own risk (!).

Same problem here... Any way to solve it? Iǘe tried the solution of Hiren and didnt work...

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