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Controlling display of text edit options

I am new here and using WordPress/WooCommerce.  While reading through your excellent Community Discussions I see that you can use CSS to remove options from the fpt text tool (fpd-element-toolbar).    


I need the CSS code to control these text features:


- I see that I can set the global default font size to 18pt but how can I hide the font size selector on the fpd-tool?

- how can I remove from the text tools the entire div.fdp-text-tools.fdp-text-size.tools.fdp-row.fdp-clearfix section, either as a group or individually?

- how can I hide italic and underline features?


Can I specify these CSS commands on a product by product basis (i.e. some products will have full font size control while others will not)?


If you can support these requirements that would be perfect! And if not, what is the process to get customizations, or feature adds?


Thanks in advance!




Most tools you can disable via the UI & Layout Composer, exclude tools. Let me know if you need any removed beyond that.

Thanks Johnny.  Now I see how that works. But there are some text formatting tools that are not listed in the Exclude Tools box that are not supported on our embroidery products and and also need to be excluded.  These include Transform, Fill, Line Height and Letter Spacing.  Is there a way to do that?

Thanks again!


For Fill simply do not enter a color in the color options (set the color via current color or for custom added text a default color via the default element options)

letter spacing can be hidden with some custom CSS (add via the UI & Layout composer, custom CSS tab):

[data-defaulttext="Letter Spacing"]{display: none !important;}

font size:

[data-defaulttext="Font Size"]{display: none !important;}

Thank for the quick reply.  Can I assume that Transform and Line Height are:

[data-defaulttext="Line Height"]{display: none !important;}

[data-defaulttext="Transform"]{display: none !important;}


I need to hide the position tool on the text toolbar. Is this possible

I would also like to hide the position tool but keep the text movable in a bounding box.  Is this possible?  Thanks

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