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Text edit in mobile android not working

Good day! Tested in version of FPD on your server also and bug appears. When we click on text and try to delete some letters directly nothing happens. Delete button not working.


This is caused by fabrics.js, which is developed externally. We've raised the issue with it's developers and are waiting for a solution ourselves. Our apologies - at the moment there is nothing else we can do.

Has there been any update for this? The field editor not working on mobile is a pretty big deal.

It looks like they have it working in beta v2


Facing the same issue. This is a major issue for Mobile Users. Any workaround for this?


I'm having the same bug with almost all android devices... any update about this? 

Thanks in advance.

Hello Johnny.

Do you guys have any updates on this?

It's a pretty big deal since most of the trafic comes from mobile. And a lot of users have android. And the text module its completely broken, its impossible to use this tool from an android and we're loosing a lot of money because of this.


You can fix this yourself by downloading the latest fabrics.js version and replacing the one we currently use with it. Please note that this will cause curved text to not work anymore - that's what we are waiting for at the moment.

Hi Johnny, Where to download the latest fabric.js from? Apart for Curved text, will the latest fabric.js break any other functionality?

@Brian Chandler: off topic. Also: I don't write these things.

here: https://github.com/kangax/fabric.js/tree/master/dist

I don't think there are going to be any other issues - I'm not sure though have not tested this myself.

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