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Automatically Repeated Logos / Images?


I am looking for your help as I am trying to build customizable banners on FPD.

Here is what I'm trying to do; 

Users can upload maybe 1 or 2 logo's into a custom field then the images are automatically repeated across the banner in specific spots set up on our end like a template. 


Upload Logo 1 Here, Upload Logo 2 Here, 

Then it repeats on the banner like this;

Logo 1, Logo 2, Logo 1, Logo 2  

Logo 2, Logo 1, Logo 2, Logo 1

Logo 1, Logo 2, Logo 1, Logo 2 ...etc

That way the user doesn't manually have to do it. 

Is this possible? 

Thank you so much! 


With the plugin as it is, no it's not possible, sorry.

No problem at all I am sure I can work around it. It would just be a little more manual but that's totally cool. Thanks for the reply!! 

Is there any news yet? I really like to have the option to repeat a logo.

no, unfortunately this is still not possible. 

IS this possible now?

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