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Bounding box with transparent PNG

Hi there

I've read pretty much all the existing threads about bounding boxes but can't seem to get my final answer.

I have a product that we only want customers to be able to design on the bottom half of. The bottom half isn't quite a rectangle (see attached pic).

Can I use this transparent PNG as the bounding box?

I'm sure I've set all the options correctly, just not sure even possible.




If you use another element as bounding box target, then the bounding box will still be a rectangle surrounding it (as bounding boxes can only be rectangles). You could use a masking layer (not modifyable layer that is set to stay on top, with a transparent area where you want your customers to be able to edit), for an example you can take a look at the pin-demo.

the pin demo doesnt work for me, i cant  move objects or text once i use the on top thingy, and its driving me mad. the image will go centered and wont move or resize

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