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UI not showing up on page

Hi guys,

I must be missing something here. i am using the 'Story' theme on Wordpress. 

I make a page and insert the [fpd] and [fpd_form] shortcodes into the content area. Nothing shows up? 

This really is frustrating me as to why its not working.

my rest api also never redirected me to a website to test the connection. Is the api the issue maybe?

OK so the api is showing a connection and is working.

Can someone please explain as to why my UI is not loading on my page? 


Please also post a link to a page with the problem, otherwise there is no way for anyone to help. If you do not want a link to one of your pages on the forum you may of course also open a support ticket.

I am also having a problem with the UI not loading in a page. If I have the UI replace my featured image, it is having problems loading. It works, then it stops. It does not work at all on mobile devices.


I am also facing issue that custom design is not showing in my cart. please Help

Please update to the newest version of Fancy Product Designer. If the issue doesn't resolve, please open a support ticket so we can have a closer look at it. 

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