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PNG image bad quality

I have uploaded an 3000x2600px png file (text desgin), then I have ordered it.

At admin site, when I export it, then quality is so weak. I have set the scale to 10, then the resolution is huge but the image is still has noisy edges.

If I export only the original pictue it has really sharp edges, perfect quality.



What is your stage size set to? Please read: http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/solution/articles/5000593264-exporting-high-resolution-images. If you export the original image only, then yes you'll get the original image. You may also want to activate this option:


in the general tab.

My stage is 1280x700.

By the way I want to import only the bounding box's content. Not the canvas. In the bounding box there is the graphic content the other area is rubbish. If I set the canvas to much more higher this will slow down the whole proccess. I have already tried it with about a 2500x3500 canvas, and the product page loaded so slow.

I want that if I set a bounding box's image as a 20x8cm PNG I want a 20x8cm output, not a big canvas with the graphic in the middle. I always have to crop it with photoshop. And the quality often not enough for example for a 20x30 puzzle.

Increasing the stage size is at the moment the only way to get high quality output (due to technical reasons (html5 canvas, fabrics.js). Bounding box only export is planned but might only come to the new online admin solution.

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