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Pre-purchase questions - Long post to follow....

I would like to purchase your Fancy Product Designer (for WooCommerce - WordPress), but I would like to make sure that it is the right fit for my project before I go forward with it.

I understand I would need the extended license, as it is my intention to sell the customized product.  I sell customized confetti - which has many options within options; price changes with successive selections; tons of images to display as choices; and isn't necessarily something that could be visualized (as everything is all mixed up, obviously.)

Attached is an outline of the hierarchy of more or less how I'd like the customization flow to work.  I would love to chat with someone if there is anyone available to answer individualized pre-purchase questions.  I simply cannot buy your product without being assured that it will work with my needs.

Thank you very much for your time!


FPD does not offer any way of making successive selections - you could do that with the MSPC plugin (which uses WooCommerce variations) which can work together with FPD, however this only works properly with FPD products that have only one view. MSPC can be used to replace image layers in FPD.

I'd familiarise myself with the WooCommerce variation system, to see if that works for you before proceeding. In general you could use FPD and MSPC for your purpose, yes.

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