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editor icons missing

 As you can see in the screenshot, the icons are not correctly displayed.

Does anyone have an idea what causes that?




Most likely a conflict with another plugin or your theme. You can check that by disabling all plugins except FPD and WooCommerce and switching to one of the basic themes like twenty seventeen. Then test again.

 Thanks! I deactivated my theme and the icons were visible again. So I edited my theme's style.css ....now it works correctly.

Hi bf! What do you edited on the css of your theme?


I have the same problem with the icons missing. How do I solve it? What in the style.css should I edit?



Good day,

Could you tell me how they solved it? It seems that after 3 years, the plugin still presents the same error!

Where did they edit the css?

Thank you very much in advance,


As mentioned in the comments above its not an error of our plugin but a theme issue. You can check that by changing to a different theme for example. 

The css was inserted in the themes and not in our plugin. 

Thank you very much for the clarification and thank you for solving the problem!

The plugin works great for me now! :)


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