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Printing type


I want to buy your plugin but need to know this first:

Is it possible to add Printing type on the design screen so the client can choose which type he wants (Screen Printing or Sublimation etc) at the time of designing his product as each type got different price?




You can create a variable product in woocommerce and add those options (Screen Printing or Sublimation etc)  and also give every option an own price.

I know i can do that in Woocommerce but what i have is a page with 2 links one for T-shirts and the second one for Mugs and if the visitor want to create a T-shirt he will click on that link which take him to the Fancy Designer page for just a t-shirts and same for the Mugs or any other product.

I do not want to offer it as a single product page like the other product which visitor can select the color and the size and the printing type.... i need it to be like your demo Page ... i click on the product then take me to the Fancy designer and there AFTER FINISHING THE DESIGN visitor can choose different printing type which includes different price.

I hope i explained it well

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