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New Feature "Exclude from export" not working

I thicked on a layer the "Export from export" then make a test order and now, nothing changed. When I press export exports this layer too.


This feature is only available in the online Admin at the moment. http://admin.fancyproductdesigner.com/

this does not work with the online admin either

You are right sonny lloyd, I have checked it too, and not working in the online admin.

Its working but with same options. First You must to slect which items don't want to export in the product builder, and after on admin site You can export without these layers if yo use the vector base pdf or svg.

Áron never use hungarian letter i had many errors with á,é fonts after i changed everything is working.

Still not working.

Yes, in SVG format works, but the SVG is useless for me because it is ignores bounding boxes.

Its now inlcuded in the admin solution.

Hi, When i export an image As a .png or .jpg from admin panel i am getting a file named as "Downloads". And there no file-extension in the file. so i unable to open the file. Please Help me.



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