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Struggling to comprehend how to configure my products

I haven't even purchased yet but have examined the demo closely and cannot tell if this will perform what I need - and even if it does I'm really confused how to set up my products. The crux of my concern is I need several layers of customization. This is for a woo commerce site selling motorcycle graphics. 

The base image will be one of 3 possible bike models which needs to have a configurable single color - easy. The next step is to select one of 5 graphic designs to pop up on the bike - also easy. Each design has about 4 elements who's colors can be changed (a textured panel, two stripes, and an accent pinstripe). Even that is not terribly difficult to set up I suppose, but the kicker is that each design consists of several possible locations on the bike - customer can buy just one location or a whole matched set (ie Saddlebags, Gas Tank, TourPack, Front Fender, etc). I say it a kicker because there needs to be 2 conditions: the locations should be selectable, turned on and off so buyer can compare how their bike would look with just tank and sidecovers for instance; but if at any time the buyer changes the color combinations on their chosen design, it would update universally to all the possible locations. 

I don't know if that's difficult or not but I know it way over my head and I need big help. I've got no problems making any of the graphics to populate the designs possible textures and colors, and bike images, but I need major instruction or even paid help on the mechanics. 


There is no way to add conditional logic to the placement of designs at the moment. At least not without custom development.

You might be able to do it with the MSPC plugin, but only if the product has only one view.

We are currently to busy to take on jobs or customizations, but we have a partnership with an external company that offers WordPress experts from just $29 per hour. If you need help in setup and or customizations: https://wpkraken.io/?ref=radykal

Fair enough - I appreciate the referral and have already posed the query there. 

If they tell me your product will work for my needs I will happily buy it.

I tried the referral link and it is not working.  Please advise as I am interested in some ctome work.

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