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Cannot select View of a Fancy Product

Hi Support, 

For some reason I am unable to select anything from dropdown menu under PRODUCT BUILDER > Select the view of a Fancy Product:

The list is in the drop down menu but none of them are selectable. 

Any ideas as I am unable to continue work on a previous Fancy product. 

Thank you

For extra information, wordpress and plugin 100% up to date. I have deactivated every plugin apart from Fancy and WooCommerce and I have switched the theme to Twenty Sixteen but the problem still persists. 

Thank you for your time


Update, tried a fresh installation with nothing other than fancy product and I still cannot select anything from the dropdown which makes me think this is a bigger problem then i first thought. 

Any help would be appreciated as I lost a day trying to get this working. 

Any word? 


Sorry I can't tell what's going on there. You do have views on your products?

If you do I'll need to access your admin and take a look. Please open a support ticket with some login credentials and a link to your wp-admin (do not post them here on the forum!)

Exact same problem , is there any solution. This plugin is unusable in current state.

This is not a general problem. Either you have not created any views (done via the product builder) or there is a server issue/ a conflict (though we've never seen that). Check that your products have views. If they do please open a support ticket with some login credentials and a link to your wp-admin as we will need to take a look.

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