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Multiple Issues With New Update

I have made a screen capture video so you can see these bugs in action, accessible here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4tsoa8pcmbstzyb/FPD.mp4?dl=0. I have also uploaded the video. 

Note - Plugin was working fine before update.

1. Curved text is very buggy, jumps when the user edits anything in the FPD.

2. I have a group of icons and have set a color link at a group level. Whenever I change icons however using the 'replace' link the icon reverts back to the original color, not the color that has been set in the color link.

3. I am using MSPC linked with FPD, I have set attributes images for the two colours associated with the fancy product. After selecting a colour attribute, then changing their design, the attribute color image is reset to the original, even though the other colour is selected.

I have spent a fair bit of money with your company, purchased both FPD and MSPC and it is dissapointing to see bugs like this popping up time and time again between versions.

FPD.mp4 FPD.mp4
6.15 MB

Thanks! I'll pass these on to the developer. Usually tickets are handled faster then the forum (in case you want to report bugs again).  And our sincerest apologies about these problems.

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