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Multiple Upload Zones not working, only the first one you use.

I have a product that must have four upload zones.

The problem is that after I upload the first image and resize it and put it on my desired spot, when I click on another upload zone (which do not sit on top of each other) it wouldn't let me upload a picture. It would just select the upload zone, and that's it.

I want to use upload zones because I want to use their boundaries default options, because simply uploading images would use the default big picture boundaries, not the specific upload zone ones.

Also, after I delete an image that was uploaded from the upload zone, I cannot set another one (click to let me upload a picture).

These are my product layers: 


And here is how the product looks on the web:


I don't know, the settings look very self explanatory, but it seems that there are some unresolved bugs.

Basically with the latest version of the plugin, it looks like for each product you can put only one upload zone. That works like a charm. But if you put multiple ones, it looks like they have some conflicts with each other.

Please help me, I have a client waiting for me.


Please open a support ticket for this and send some login credentials and a link to your wp-admin so that we can take a look ourselves, thank you.

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