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Different size after order

If i set the image size in the FPD and click the finish order , i got a different  view. 

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I have other problem. What is it mean ? 

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 I have the same problem with new version 3.4.0

The finish product in the order viewer has different in dimention and position respect the FPD.

I have this same issue. Different when it's put in the cart.

This is a great problem


You have to downgrade to 3.3.3. I send them a ticket with this issue.

yes I'm searching the old versions.

I have this same issue. How can we download the previous version?


Update with fix is coming the next 24 hours, sorry for that.

Thanks a lot radyKal you are the best


After updating to version 3.4.1, in the orders, still it shows the incorrect size of the uploaded images




It didnt work at first but then after 20 mins since updating it is working!, thanks to you!


The update is released and should fix the problem.


I have the same problem and already updated to 3.4.1. 

This update haven't solve my problem, any idea ? 

Thank's a lot 

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