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erroe 403

I trying to connect my site to http://admin.fancyproductdesigner.com via REST API , but i have 403 error code . Please help to solve my problem.


I tried everything:

  • disabled the default CORS header
  • i set the write premissions to 755 and 777
  • i modified the htaccses
  • i changed the php version 5.4 and 7.0

....and nothing i can't check the communication

Whats your wordpress URL, then I will check it.


Please create a ticket with your WP and FTP login credentials.

i made it 

HELLO I HAVE THE SAME ISSUES WITH connect my site to http://admin.fancyproductdesigner.com via REST API , but i have 403 error code .

MY SITE IS http://victorcolor.com.do

Hi, anybody solve this problem? I have the same issue.

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