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I'm not sure if this is already on a to-do log, but I noticed that the `fpd_products` meta was getting cleared when updating a product by using Flatsome's frontend builder.

I fixed it by adding the following code to `class-admin.php` in `update_custom_meta_fields` function.

		    	return $post_id;

I don't feel comfortable editing plugins as they might get overwritten on update, but I couldn't find a way to remove the action in the theme's functions.php since the FPD_Admin class is not accessible via a global variable.

Can you guys take a look at this?



Why has this been moved to the community discussions section?

It's a bug - the plugin is incompatible with a theme editor - and I feel it would benefit users if the fix would be included.



I also have FLATSOME and I just cannot use FPD too.  In the admin side the UI & Layout Composer, it just appers as INITIALIZING PRODUCT DESIGNER, does nothing.  Can you help me with any tips?  Im really lost here.

Thank you!!

Hey, Carlos.

I can sure try, but I'll need to take a closer look. Leave an address here and I'll drop you an email.



Sure:  lineamovil from hotmail.

Thank you!



It was a server configuration denying direct access to `/wp-content/plugins/fancy-product-designer/assets/templates/productdesigner.php` file. Good intentions, but they weren't working for your plugin. Carlos's issue has been resolved.

The original issue mentioned on this post hasn't been addressed. Will the fix be included in future versions of the plugin?



Hi Mihai,

Can you give me some advices about how to customize functionality of  FDP? 

costeaandreamihai@gmail.com     thank you!

@Mihai Radulescu Could you please explain what your server configuration was? I'm having the same issue

@Adam Harris

To be honest it's been a while and I don't quite recall, but if you want I can take a look. Drop an email and I'll get in touch.

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