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How can i do this view

I would like to do this view :


I set all things from instruction , but not working. I have gitter around the design and the toolbar is no on the right side .


You'll need to float the div that contains the toolbar and title to the right and the designer left through custom CSS. You've done that?

Other than that we'll at least need a link to a page to be able to help.

I made test product here is the link :


I set this in the css : 

.fpd-product-designer-wrapper {

float: left; width: 518px;

Is somebody know the solution ?

As FPD position choose After Summary (WooCommerce tab in the settings). Then custom CSS like this:


float: left;

width: XXpx;




float: right;

width: XXpx;


make sure you adapt the widths so that the divs fit beside each other.

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