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Is Fancy the best solution for our website?


Before to purchase this plugin we would like to know if is the best solution for our website. We sell digital images ready to be processed for fashion industry, decoration, ceramics, design, furniture, paper products. Therefore we don't produce and sell items but we would like to give the chance to our customers to have the idea of how our images can works with different items such as dresses, mugs, paper box and so...

Is this plugin the right one for our purpose? 

We use easy digital download and WP Stocky theme.

Thanks in advance for your support


We have no experiences with either easy digital download or the WP Stocky theme. Other then that yes, FPD should be able to do what you are looking for. You can apply images that you upload to different products.

Hello Johnny,

Thanks a lot for your prompt answer, Two more question:

Does the plugin let the image completely fill the entire shape?Can we customize the shapes and create some shapes by ourself?If yes how? Pls visit our website www.ru-digital.com to better understand what we mean.

Kind regards

sorry, I did not see your reply. A direct link to a product related to your question would have been nice (not just the main page), but in general yes of course you can create any shape you like in an image editing program an upload it as layers to a fancy product.

Hello Johnny,

Another question: it seems that there are 2 versions of the plugin one for woocommerce and one for wp, is that true?


Hello Johnny,

we are one step from buying Fancy, we have realized that it could work with WP but we need to know if our  images can fullfill the entire shape of the items and if once we set up the plugin there is a way to make it works with all the pages already pubblished.


Hello is there anybody out there?

Yes your images can fill the entire shape (at least if I understand you correctly). You should be able to make it work with the already published pages - however you will of course need to setup a fancy product for each and add that to the page.

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