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Last version seems to introduce a bug when loading an order.

We were using version 3.3.3 and while loading an order, the colors would not show up correctly. The colorcodes would be correct, but in the backoffice it showed different colors. When reverting back to version 3.3.1, the problem was solved.

hm.. we've not heard of that before and I can't seem to replicate it (just tried with several new and old orders). Did this happen in the WooCommerce order viewer or the order viewer under FPD?

In various Woocommerce orders. Just with certain, seemingly random, elements. 

We've still had no other reports about this. Does this happen with new orders as well? If you would like us to take a look please open a support ticket, thank you.


It also happened with new orders.

However, good news, the newest version has fixed this issue for me. 

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