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Manual or Tutorial to create the images to products

Hi everybody.

I'm looking for a manual, guide or tutorial to make new product images. For example, the images provided in the demo like shirt, sneakers, etc doesn't included all images. I need create my own images for a new kind of shirts. As i see it, probably i should split one simple image in three layers. One layer with low opacity (for example 50%) to create the shadow, other plain image to colorize them.. and the rest i don't know...

Someone knows what's the correct steps?





It's also important to change white to alpha (via channels in Photoshop I believe, or with the color to alpha function in GIMP (which is what I use)) as the "shadow layer" as we call it needs to be mostly transparent. In case of the image for our demo products, we added some white highlights back in with a white brush (though we did get most of the image online and did not actually create them).

Thanks a lot Johnny. The information provided was very userfull :)

The best way to make this easy and quickly i've found is here http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/5000045539

The answer of Linda Long with Gimp is veary easy to make and work really fine.

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