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Per-sales questions

This product looks ideal for a client who sells custom vinyl boat names. The customer needs to be able to choose font type, size and colour and preview them on a coloured background.I can't find answers in the documentation to the following questions though:

a) Is it possible to specify the font size as a letter height in cm or inches? An alternative might be to specify the font size in points, as there are 72 points to an inch. In which case, can the type be specified to only be available in 72-point increments?

b) I would need the order details to show font size, colour and text entered -  is this how the orders would be displayed in the back end, or are they only displayed as an image?

Thanks in advance for help with this - hope these things are possible, as this is the only plug-in I have found that gets near doing what I need


a) Sorry that is currently not possible.

b) You can include a page to the exported pdf that include all this information, for example:


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