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Some problems

I have a few questions.

* If I add a field with WooCommerce TM Additional Product Options the add to card button disappears. I unchecked  the required option in Product Options.

I have the last udate of WooCommerce TM Additional Product Options 4.4.

* If I Envato Item Purchase Code fill the bottom of settings I get the message, The Envato Item Purchase Code is not correct! Please enter a valid one in order to auto-update. I have cut and pasted code so there is no mistake in it.

* Is your plugin working with WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder? if so what do i have to change.

Kind regards

The problem with updating the fancy product designer is solved.

The first problem is not solved with the new update, do you have a suggestion?

TM Additional Product Options is not officially supported and we have no experience with it, sorry. Maybe someone from the community can help you.

I am using "TM Extra Product Options" and I have no issue with it
I think the problem is caused by another plugin and something like this 


Thanks for your response.


I made a working product with the fancy product disigner.

If I add a field (upload File), the shopping card disappears and isn't coming back until I add a file, even if i unchecked  the required option for that field.

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