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Text Area Box

I'm struggling to figure out how to allow customers to add a text area box to the FPD on the front end.

Right now all I seem to be able to do is add a big long line of text.  

I have to put the breaks into the text manually which is hard to do if you've already added it to the canvas.

If I add a text area box to the back end in the designer then on the front end it won't allow me to change the size of text, the size of the box or the color of the text.

I really need my customers to be able to paste a paragraph into the FPD on the front end and then move and adjust it without it being such a hassle.

HI, not sure if I understand but both you and end-user can double click the text and press enter to put the break


Of course we can but its very annoying, if you have an entire paragraph with 100 words, to have to manually put breaks into it.  The point of a text box is that you can define what size it is and then the text automatically wraps.  This is especially useful for someone designing items with a lot of content, like brochures or flyers.


At the moment it's only possible to add custom text, not a custom text box (these can only be added via the product builder - not by the customer).

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