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Fancy Designs Individual Design Options

So it seems that if a Fancy Design is used within a Design Category AND that specific graphic's Options are ENABLED, these options carry over to every other design category.

For instance if I have Category 1 containing a smiley face, and I want the color options to be black, blue, and green (JUST FOR THE SMILEY FACE) then every other category I have the smiley face uploaded to with advanced options enabled gets linked.

This reminds of the issue where if you tried to use a fancy design in more than 1 category it would not work, you had to upload the graphic anew. So now... here we are again, want unique advanced options for the same design across different design categories... only option.. upload anew.



That is a known issue. Our apologies about that it will be fixed with an update. At the moment you'll need to upload designs several times under different names if you want to add them to different categories as otherwise the described issues will appear.

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