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Is it possible to implement Boxer underware as a customisable product? (JQuery)

Hello i'm interested in buying your product, i just have one question, will it be possible for me after purchasing the product to implement a Boxer underware as a product like you have Tshirt, Hoodies, Caps, etc?

And will i have support to add that feature to it?

This question is for Jquery Fancy Product Designer.

Best regards,

Fábio Magalhães

Web Designer


Yes, you can certainly add a boxer as product. You will of course need to be able to generate or procure the required images yourself.

In support we can assist with problems that might arise during implementation, however you will need to setup the product yourself and learn how to use the plugin - that we will not do for you.

Thank you for your fast reply. I already bought thr product i'm pretty satisfied for now. Just a question i have to convert in this case the boxer underware in canvas drawing to make it a possible model for a product right?

Best regards

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