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Way to avoid using manage layers to change several elements

I have a product that has two text boxes on it.  They are separate elements within a design.  When I test out the Fancy Product Designer a customer will get "locked out" of changing the text once they change the first text box. The only way to move around and change the text boxes is to go into manage layers and select the element.  I don't think customers will understand this and get frustrated.  I have played around with all the element settings such as lock layers, stay on top, etc. and I can't find the right combination to make each element within a design available to change without having to go into the manage layers tab.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.


That is currently caused by fabrics.js which is developed externally. We have contacted the developers and are waiting for a solution. At the moment there is no fix, sorry.

Another element can also be selected by deselecting the previously selected element by clicking outside of the designer.

Thanks.  I found that if I choose "no" to auto select, stay on top, and layer position unlockable for the two text elements that is making it easier to switch back and forth between the two text boxes.  Still sometimes, and I don't understand why, the text boxes become unable to select once you go into them once.  I did notice that if you clicked around you can then return to the design and select the text box again.  Glad you are working on it.  On some of our designs customers can change 4 or 5 elements and I think they will be frustrated with customizing if they keep getting locked out of going back to change an element.  Thanks..

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