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disable image upload on top

Is it possible to lock the image upload until the uploaded images in upload zones? Look, if i upload in the photo frame demo a picture for each frame and after it, i uploaded another photo. This last image is free in postion and on top of all layers. Is there a possibility to forbid this type of upload?


This will be looked into with the next update. For now you can activate the hide on add option from the settings, which should solve the issue for now.


general tab.

Bump this - would like to know if this feature was added. 

 Bump this too.

Normally I am able to work around this using the Stay On Top feature of my canvas mask, but im having a new issue: I can have Upload Zones set to Stay on Top, and they will. But once I upload an image or design using those upload zones, then upload a custom image, the "uploaded upload zone" image or design no longer stay on top. In this case, when I upload a custom image, it will go above those upload zones. It only does this when an upload zone has been used to insert an image or design. 

Here is a product with those upload zones, they are set to Stay on Top. I have used one upload zone to insert a Design.


This is what I get when I add a custom image:


The designs added with the upload zone does not keep the Stay on Top setting of its upload zone.

What can  I do to work around this?

Thanks for your help!

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was this ever fixed? I have same problem!

Thanks for answer

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