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Product name in order viewer

From what i can see in there is no way of showing the fancy product name in the order viewer or woocommerce orders?

For example, say i created 10 products in FPD for different size canvas layouts, added them all to the canvas category and then created a product in woocommerce and added the canvas category to that.

A user would go to the canvas page, select the size they wanted from the FPD product selector, customise it and add to cart, but in the order section it just has the generic page name for the woocommerce page m (Canvases), how would you know what size they ordered as it doesn't name the fancy product that was choosen

The name of the product as you set it up in the builder should appear in the orders, where you load the product:


Yes, but that is a single product in woocommerce.

If i set up a product in woocommerce and call it canvas prints, then have a fancy product category display on that page with a choice of different sizes then when an order is placed it would just say canvas prints and no information about which product was selected





Ah yes I see now, sorry about the delay. Could you make a feature request for this, please: http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/discussions/forums/5000217737

Please add the images there as they will help.

what do we know about this?
Is really important to solve this.


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