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Issue with FPD and Javascript


I recently started experiencing issues with the FPD plug in. 

Whenever I try loading the FPD on any page, no short codes will work on the page including the FPD.

When I remove the FPD from the page, everything loads with no issues.

I contacted my theme provider and they stated it might be related with Javascript. 

Unfortunately I am running my website on a local host so I can't provide a link.

Thank you.

WordPress 4.6.1 running Pinnacle Premium theme.

Fancy Product Designer Version 3.3.1


Sorry about the late reply.

We've not heard of that issue before and are not experiencing it ourselves. As you are on local host it will be hard for us to assist. Have you checked for conflicts with other plugins? You can simply disable everything but FPD to test this.

If that's not helping please also check your browsers console for error messages. Please do open a support ticket  - that way we can communicate in private and faster as well.

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