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Colour Picker not closing after colour chosen


I hope someone can help.  I am using SVG images with a defined colour palette.  When an image colour is changed the palette isn't automatically closing - If I click somewhere else on the canvas (not an element) then the palette still sits there.  It's not until I select another element that it minimizes.

This can cause confusion because user then thinks they can still use the pallete showing - but it has no use of course.

You can see my problem here: http://www.simplyloveit.co.uk/shop/painted-plaque/

Can anyone advise on what I can do to fix?




That is normal behaviour at the moment. You could add a feature request on the feature request forum as to why and if you have an idea how (when) it should be hidden. The more detailed and the more support you get the more likely (and quickly) we'll try to implement it.

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