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Questions before ordering.

Hello I am thinking about purchasing this product. I have a few questions. I will be using this with woocommerce. When a customer designs their item and orders it, what does the order look like? Do we get to see the exact image they make? If so, in what resolution? Also, if I'm selling a product besides one of your demos, can I fully customize the editor, or can I only use the default layouts for the editor? I would want to use less options than what is offered. Thank you.

I'd suggest that you head on over to the admin demo and take a look yourself: http://demo.fancyproductdesigner.com/

in short:

1) Yes, you'll see the image exactly as designed by the customer

2) Yes you can disable all actions and modules you do not want on any particular product via the UI & Layout Composer.

Thanks for the reply. In the admin demo, I still don't see exactly where to see the image they created. Woocommerce > orders shows the orders, but how do I see their exact image?

What you see there should be exactly what the customer designed.

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