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Saving images in photoshop...

Ok I am trying to set up our designer, but with our shirt templates. I have searched here to try and find something...unfortunately I have yet to find something. More than likely it is there....just not typing the right phrase,

I can get a shadow layer and a color layer, but when I add colors to the "color layer" in the product builder...on the front side it just makes the shirt a solid color and doesn't show the shadows of the shirt itself.

If you could point me in the right direction that would be great! Thanks


That's most likely because you are colorizing the shadow layer, and not the color layer? 

Often the problem is also, that the shadow layer is not fully transparent - in gimp there is a useful function called color to alpha (under the color menu) that allows you to change any remaining white to transparent - In Photoshop it's as far as I've read a bit more complicated (via channels somehow) as I don't have that program I'm not sure how to do it, sorry. Try googling for "color to alpha gimp in Photoshop".

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