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Rough idea of time to configure client-facing plugin and its capabilities

I understand this is a broad question but it may help me with a time quote for my client. This plugin appears to be the "online garment designer" he's been asking about and looks amazing to boot. I've watched a few videos but would like to hear from somebody who has actually implemented it.

He's a hat supplier and wants clients to be able to design their own hats online. He currently has a logo submission form with some basic questions about what the client is looking for. He prefers to speak to the client but feels a full-fledged online designer is a big marketing tool.

He has 7 models of hat (Corporate, Beanies, Sublimated, etc) and can produce practically any design. I tried out the hat designer here. Seems neat but I could only get the image to show up on the front and at that odd angle. His designs have stripes running from the front to back and swirls or flames that may go around the entire base. More than just a logo on the front.

Is that sort of design capability possible with this plugin? If it requires some heavy customization, any idea of time involved in setting it up? I've been working in WP for several years but every plugin has its quirks. I appreciate your time. Thanks!

So you want us to do your job?

If I was you, I would tell your customer that you'd need to investigate into some options and possibilities, and that you are going to bill your client XXX Euro or USD or whatever your preferred currency is for being able to understand the requirements and suggest the best was to go forward..

If your customer is willing to pay, great - go ahead, purchase the FPD plugin, and start digging (testing, trying, testing again)...

that's what we all did here!

Some of "us" needed more time, some less, depending on their skills.
This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but the only thing I can tell you, at least.

All the best




Hi Etienne,

Appreciate you taking the time to respond! I ended up doing my own research and moving forward with a decision. 

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