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Hi, I have purchased FDP as I want to sell customizable Gift Cards on my website.  The process is that customers choose the design of card they want, enter the recepients name and what the value of the gift card is, ideally from a list of values e.g. £50, £100, £150.  I am hoping they will be able to see their gift card with the recipients name and amount  displayed.  They would then checkout and pay for the card ( I use Woocommerce). I need to know which card design they have purchased, what the value of the card is, whose name will be printed on the card - I also need to know where to send the card via post.

I am really struggling to do this and I am not even sure FDP can do what I want - although I thought it could.  Can anyone advise whether what I want is possible and if yes point me towards some further resources to help me work out how to implement it.   Thank you Andy


The value and names you could do with the names and numbers module from FPD plus, similar to this demo: http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/football-jersey-plus/

FPD itself does at the moment not add any fields to the WooCommerce process to enter an address of the recipient, however there might be a way to do this with WooCommerce itself or an additional plugin?

Sorry, thinking about it again - names and numbers would be problematic with the pricing (also you'd have to use increments of one). So you'd need to do this using designs (put the numbers in image files and add them as designs, give them each the same replace value and a different price) You can also change the module designs name to choose value or what you want.

Alternatively use the swap product feature and create one fancy product for each value.

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