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Trying to scale url image for user display

We had some code that modified getProductDataURL to scale the image down to a smaller size. We use this image to associate an image with the saved design in the database. This way, the user has an idea what they did. This was for version 3.0.4. We recently upgraded to 4.2.0 and because that function has radically changed, we are having problems adapting that code to the new version.

We have large images in the designer while they design it but we need about half the size to display to them so they can recognize the design since they can put in title and we list out what all the options are next to the image so they can see the detail if they want.

I am attaching the 3.0.4 customizations to scale the image. 

Thanks in advance,

Looking for PAID customization help from someone who can solve this. Please contact us ASAP if you are able to assist.


This can be marked as solved.

By the way, we tried to find a qualified FPD expert coder and no one felt confident they could solve this customization challenge in a timely manner. Our senior developer dug in again and are happy to say we resolved it ourselves.


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