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Clean up /uploads/fancy_products_uploads/

 Hi there.

I have the problem that I have a lot of image uploads by customers, so my /uploads/fancy_products_uploads/ folder is well filled.

Is it save to delete the whole folder of the last year (/uploads/fancy_products_uploads/2015) or are there any dependencies to already completed orders?

Thank you so far!


As long as you don't need to process these orders anymore - then it is save to delete them, yes.

OK, but the orders itself (customer data, articles, prices) won't be affected when deleting the image data?

I still need the order data for billing reasons.

Thank you for your support!

I'm fairly certain that that should be no problem. You can simply test this yourself though to make sure: Create a new order yourself then go ahead and delete the image uploads for that order. Then take a look at the order via the viewer - you'll see whether it's working or not - it should i think only throw an error message once you try to load the order data for fpd.

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