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Clean up /uploads/fancy_products_uploads/

 Hi there.

I have the problem that I have a lot of image uploads by customers, so my /uploads/fancy_products_uploads/ folder is well filled.

Is it save to delete the whole folder of the last year (/uploads/fancy_products_uploads/2015) or are there any dependencies to already completed orders?

Thank you so far!


As long as you don't need to process these orders anymore - then it is save to delete them, yes.

OK, but the orders itself (customer data, articles, prices) won't be affected when deleting the image data?

I still need the order data for billing reasons.

Thank you for your support!

I'm fairly certain that that should be no problem. You can simply test this yourself though to make sure: Create a new order yourself then go ahead and delete the image uploads for that order. Then take a look at the order via the viewer - you'll see whether it's working or not - it should i think only throw an error message once you try to load the order data for fpd.

Would you like to implement some thing like "Delete uploaded media after 30 days" or "delete on completed order" or make it available as dropdown in order overview and/or single order?

best wished,


You can open a feature request in our feature request forum so we can keep it in mind for further updates. https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/forums/5000217737


I am trying to clean up this folder too: /uploads/fancy_products_uploads/ as it is taking up too much space.

When I delete the contents of 2017, i get a 503 service unavailable message on the website. Is it not safe to delete the whole folder? Should i go through and delete the uploads separately?


It just holds images and you can delete the folder if you do not need them anymore. if you get any server warning, you need to contact your provider.

Hi, sorry to hijack this post again, once i removed the images in the uploads/fancy_products_uploads folder, if my visitor uploaded an image earlier, once he visited my product link again, then in developer console will show 404 image not found errors. Any way to clear the visitor browser to not show the previous uploaded images?

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