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How to set template for each product


I have 3 types of products:

- A3 Posters - Template needs to be configured at 303mm (width) x 426mm (height)

- A4 Posters - Template needs to be configured at 216mm (width) x 303mm (height)

- A5 Flyers - Template needs to be configured at 151.5mm (width) x 216mm (height)

Please help me to config to create 3 types of templates.

Here is the purchase code of the product: 14eb03f3-5de3-4f96-89c5-d96d08107b00



the mm dimensions alone are not really that important. It all depends on the resoultion (dpi) you need the images in: http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/solution/articles/5000593264-exporting-high-resolution-images

In the product builder you can setup stage height and width depending on the product (click the little cogwheel).

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